Keep track of your Daily Sales

Fully customizable Shift Report Logging options (Fuel, Lottery, Groceries, Sales Tax, Expense, Charge Accounts and much more…)

Multiple Shift Reports – Control how many shifts your business will log in one day.

Manage inventory efficiently & accurately

Monthly Inventory Logging (Manage and update categories and prices)

Gasoline fuel levels (Keep track of fuel inventory by logging the total gallon) get reports and updates when inventories are running low.

Lottery Inventory and Sales management. Keep track of all your lottery tickets and get updates when stocks are low.

Make smarter business decisions

Advanced reporting: comparison reports, custom report generator

Inventory, & sales reports available in real time

Dashboard widgets provide a quick glimpse of your daily business activities and give you real time updates of your sales and inventory. So you can stay on top of charge accounts, low inventory, and sales. Get unlimited reports in easy to update Excel format or quick printing in Adobe PDF format

You are the boss

Control what your employees can see and do within the application. Lock down access so only the menus you require are visible to your employees.

Access rights allows you to create managers / employees and even give access to your accountant so your data can be transferred quickly and easily.

Keep track of those charge accounts

Charge Collection Control Add and delete new charge accounts. Run reports on charge accounts get updates on those are overdue. Subscribe to Alerts when charge payments are overdue.

Stay in touch

Alerts and Subscriptions lets you specify email or cell phone numbers that send your daily or weekly alerts on the progress of your business.

Subscribe to Daily Sales, Inventory, Charge Accounts, Over/Shorts, Fuel and Lottery Inventories.

Enterprise Grade Security & Redundancy

Your data is hosted by Microsoft Azure a leader in cloud based hosting and security, so you can be re-assured that your data is always safe and available only for you!

Your information lives in the cloud. It’s always available anytime you want. In addition to active redundancy, your data is backed up daily to long term storage

High availability servers (99.95%) For hosting your mission critical data

Layered security and firewalls Protects against data loss and intrusion

15 day free trial

All the feature including Inventory Management, Charge Control, Robust Reporting and Shift Transaction logging are all fully included in all our plans.